CommitteeWe encourage ALL students at Brooklawn, especially those in the General Assembly, to become active in one of the Student Council Committees. Much of the work and decision making power rests with these committees and their chairpersons - joining one is a great way to get involved and have your voice heard.  You do not have to be a Student Council member to join a committee; anyone is welcome to join and participate!  There are six Student Council Standing Committees required by the Sixth Article of our Constitution, each chaired by an elected or appointed member of the Board of Directors, which meet on a regular basis:

GRADUATION - responsible for addressing 8th grade concerns about Graduation, Class Trips, End Of Year Activities, etc. Members of this committee are also responsible for discussing, proposing, and clearly defining ideas for Spirit Days each month and promoting student participation in them throughout the year.

DECORATING - responsible for budgeting, planning, and carrying out all decorating activities for dances and other S.A. events.  Members of this committee come early to decorate for each dance.  The incoming and outgoing decorating chairs are jointly responsible for putting together the 8th Grade Last Blast Dance in June.
LIAISON - responsible for meeting and dealing with outside groups, such as our PTSA and the Pomptonian Food Service.  The chair of this committee attends monthly meetings of the PTSA and works with them to select Cultural Arts programs to benefit all students.  This committee also meets with representatives of the Pomptonian Food Service to voice student concerns and help address them.  The chair of this committee also serves as the Corresponding Secretary of the Student Council.

PUBLICITY - responsible for maintaining the Student Council Bulletin Board and for regularly posting flyers to publicize S.A. events.  Members of this committee may be assigned to work jointly with other committees to publicize their events.

LEADERSHIP - responsible to organize and promote Leadership Training in our council through activities such as B.L.T. Saturday, our Leadership Training Mini-Conference.  The Leadership Chairperson also takes an active role in the Candidate Training Course required for all candidates running for President or Vice President, and serves as the campaign chair whenever our Student Council runs a candidate for State Office.

COMMUNITY SERVICE - responsible to organize and promote Student Body involvement in various Community Service activities, including the annual Canned Food Drive and support for the NJASC State Charity.

To handle special or temporary concerns, our Constitution allows for Special Committees to be convened by the President or Advisor. One example would be the Dress Code Committee that worked with our Principal to propose and make changes to the school dress code in 2000. The Fourth Article of our Constitution requires the chairs of these committees to be appointed by the President with consent of the Advisor. The chairs of Special Committees typically do not become members of the Executive Board, and the President or Advisor disbands these committees once their work has been completed. There are currently no special committees in the Brooklawn Student Council.
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